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Skylark Cleaning Chemical Co. Ltd, headquartered in China, is a renowned pioneer in the production and research and development (R&D) of special detergents and consumer products in the daily chemical industry. With an experience of 23 years, Skylark has established an exceptional reputation for delivering high-quality, innovative, and environmentally friendly products that cater to a diverse range of consumer needs.

Company History and Growth:

Skylark Cleaning Chemical Co. Ltd was founded in 1998 by Mr. Zhang Hua, a visionary entrepreneur who believed in the potential of the cleaning product industry. Starting with humble beginnings, the company embarked on a mission to revolutionize the cleaning industry by introducing specialized detergents and consumer products that go beyond traditional cleaning approaches. Over the years, Skylark has grown exponentially and played a crucial role in shaping the industry landscape in China.

Product Line and Innovation:

With an uncompromising commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, Skylark has successfully developed an extensive range of specialized detergents and consumer products. The product line spans multiple categories, including household cleaning products, personal care, car care, industrial cleaning solutions, and more. Each product is carefully formulated using the latest scientific research and innovative techniques, ensuring superior performance and efficiency.

Skylark's team of dedicated researchers and chemists continually strive to develop cutting-edge formulas that address evolving customer needs. This emphasis on research and development has led to several breakthrough innovations designed to tackle current challenges such as environmental sustainability and the demand for biodegradable, eco-friendly products. Skylark takes pride in its role as an industry leader, always staying a step ahead in terms of product innovation and environmental responsibility.

Quality Assurance and International Standards:

Recognizing the importance of stringent quality control measures, Skylark adheres to international standards and certifications. The company has obtained ISO 9001:2015 certification, underscoring its unwavering commitment to maintaining consistent quality across its product range. Skylark's state-of-the-art laboratories and quality control processes ensure that each batch of products meets the highest standards of quality, safety, and efficacy.

Market Presence and Global Reach:

Skylark's products have gained wide acceptance and popularity in the domestic market, earning the trust of countless households, businesses, and industries across China. The company's commitment to excellence and continuous improvement has also led to international recognition, with a growing presence in global markets. Skylark products are now exported to various countries, earning accolades for their quality and performance.

Environmental Sustainability:

Skylark Cleaning Chemical Co. Ltd has always prioritized environmental sustainability and has adopted eco-friendly practices throughout its operations. With a comprehensive understanding of the ecological impact of chemical products, the company continually strives to minimize its carbon footprint. Skylark's dedication to environmental preservation is reflected in its extensive research on biodegradable formulations, environmentally friendly packaging, and promoting sustainable manufacturing processes.

Philanthropic Initiatives:

As a socially responsible organization, Skylark actively participates in philanthropic initiatives aimed at giving back to society. The company engages in various charitable activities, such as donating cleaning products to underprivileged communities, supporting local education programs, and contributing to environmental conservation efforts. Skylark firmly believes that social responsibility extends beyond mere business operations and takes pride in making a positive difference in the communities it serves.


Skylark Cleaning Chemical Co. Ltd has emerged as a pioneer and industry leader in the production and research and development of special detergents and consumer products in China. With a rich history spanning over two decades, Skylark has consistently demonstrated its commitment to superior quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability. The company's success lies in its ability to serve the diverse needs of customers while focusing on research-driven product development. Looking ahead, Skylark is poised to further expand its global footprint and reinforce its position as a trusted provider of exceptional cleaning products and solutions.
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